• Hogar del niño
    Hogar del niño
    Hogar del Niño is what we consider the heart and soul of the PBO. It is where we see our work as reflected in the comprehensive development of our children.
  • Instituto Tecnico
    Instituto Tecnico
    Currently we have 245 students. As a result of the training provided by the ITPBO, they have proven more than 9,000 young people from 1992 to date.
  • Diagnóstica Social
    Diagnóstica Social
    Social diagnosis is a center dedicated to service in the area of medical diagnosis that has modern high-tech equipment operated by skilled technicians.
  • Zona Verde
    Zona Verde
    La Zona Verde is an area located within the child's home, specifically designed to enable children to develop their talents and interest in the arts.

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Patronato Benéfico Oriental

The Board Beneficent Oriental (PBO), is a non profit organization created in 1976, in La Romana, Dominican Republic, whose mission is to transform vulnerable communities through self-sustaining projects in the area of education and health, providing the necessary tools to contribute to the socioeconomic development of them through its programs:

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  • Diagnostica Social
  • Hogar del Niño
  • Instituto Técnico PBO
  • Zona Verde